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Energy Audits


Realizamos un estudio técnico económico de su consumo energético
We will carry out a study of your company's electrical usage, reducing it and achieving maximum savings for
your company
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What is an Energy Audit?

An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of energy usage in a business, identifying and evaluating the different possibilities available for achieving energy savings from a technical and financial standpoint.

What are the aims of an Energy Audit?

  • To gain a reliable assessment of energy use
  • Identifying where and how energy is used and the different factors that affect energy consumption
  • Optimizing the supply of electricity
  • Improving the conditions under which energy and fuel are contracted
  • Identifying energy costs
  • Detecting and evaluating how and where energy savings can be made and how energy efficiency can be improved
  • Eliminating energy loss
  • Maximizing efficiency within the installation
  • Reducing emissions per unit of production
  • Assessing the opportunities that may be available to diversify energy sources and its repercussion over total energy costs
  • Analysing how renewable energies can be incorporated

What are the advantages of carrying our an Energy Audit?

  • Energy costs can be reduced by optimizing energy consumption
  • Increases the useful life of machinery and equipment
  • Increases your competitive edge
  • Corporate image as a business concerned about the environment will be enhanced
  • Access to subsidies from different Energy Agencies for the introduction of energy saving measures.

What is analysed, assessed and studied in an energy audit?

The efficiency in the application of horizontal technologies and general services is analyzed by identifying and assessing all the available options for energy saving and diversification. Amongst others:

  • Thermal behaviour of the installations: The building's structure, enclosures, climatic areas.
  • Electrical systems: Grid connections, transformation, interior distribution, harmonics, reactive power, balanced load distribution.
  • Climate control systems: heating, cooling and air quality.
  • Lighting system: natural and artificial light, how it is used and distributed.
  • Systems for producing compressed air and distribution network.
  • Domestic Hot Water: efficient usage systems.
  • Electric generators: start up control, consumption optimization.
  • Other installations such as electricity generators or capacitor banks.
  • Boiler systems: substitution of oil based fuels for biomass.
Practical examples of Energy Certification

Energy Performance Certificates for Buildings.

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