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Biomass is organic material derived from a biological process which can be used as an energy source. When used as fuel, it is considered to be a renewable energy source which respects the environment.

Types of Biomass

Biomass installations can use material of animal or vegetable origin as their energy source:

1. Biomass from crops and agriculture:

  • Pomace
  • Straw
  • Thistles
  • Trees
  • Corn

How they work

The biomass is burned in a boiler producing either steam or highly heated water. The steam drives a turbine, producing electro-mechanical energy. A condenser cools the steam driving the turbine to even higher speeds and generating even more energy. The turbine drives the generator, converting the mechanical energy contained in the rotating turbine into electric power. A transformer raises the tension of the electric current produced in the generator. The energy is now ready to be introduced into the electricity grid for consumption.

2. Biomass from waste:

  • Liquid waste from olive oil production.
  • Nut Husks
  • Waste from carpentry
  • Leftovers from pruning, reaping and cleaning forestry land.
  • Sawdust.
  • Other wastes from food processing industries.
  • Pellets.

Contrary to the burning of solid fuels, in this process sulphurous oxides, which cause acid rain, are not a by-product.


When using gas or diesel as a fuel, carbon is transferred to and accumulates in the atmosphere. However, the use of biomass is carbon neutral as the carbon freed was originally captured from the atmosphere itself, and not from underground.

Marina d´Or Renovables has two types of boilers on offer depending on the type of fuel used:

1. Pellet boilers: In this system the boiler is fuelled with pressed wood pellets. Simplicity of use and automation make this type of boiler a particularly comfortable option. They are particularly ideal for heating and for producing hot water in domestic and industrial settings.

2. Wood chip boilers: Wood chip systems are fully automated and are not limited in size, reaching power levels of up to several thermal MW. Their efficiency and comfort are comparable to gas or diesel heaters. Automation and activity savings make wood chip systems particularly ideal for the production of Domestic Hot Water (DHW) and the heating of places such as hotels, schools, communities, hospitals and shopping centres.

3. Multi fuel boilers: These systems can use a wide variety of fuels, such as nut husks, olive stones, almond husks...

4. Biomass boilers using the waste generated by the industry itself, optimizing efficiency within the system.

Marina d´Or Energías Renovables is present in the biomass field through agreements with prestigious and highly experienced technologists to build plants to exploit and produce biogas for electricity production while eliminating waste materials

Our technical team is widely experienced in the biomass sector. This experience extends to both the logistics of biomass provision (long term contracts with farmers, co-operatives and professionals involved with straw, slurry and waste in general, which permits guaranteed supplies of the product), and to management and operation of electricity generating installations.

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