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Wind Power


Realizamos un estudio técnico económico de su consumo energético
We will carry out a study of your company's electrical usage, reducing it and achieving maximum savings for
your company
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MICRO-WIND POWER is that which makes use of the wind's movement to generate electrical power using a wind turbine.

Why use micro-wind generation?

  • It can reduce your electricity bill by up to 90%..
  • It does not produce air contamination or toxic wastes.
  • You can get electricity in isolated spaces away from the electricity grid, or where it would be expensive to connect.
  • The technology is non-contaminating and barely occupies any space at all. Low maintenance.
  • Rapid installation.

It can be used on roofs or on the ground.


This type of renewable energy is based on obtaining energy from large wind powered turbines.

Electricity is obtained when the movement of the rotor blades drives a generator, converting the mechanical energy produced in the rotation movement to electricity.

The electricity can be stored in batteries or be fed directly into the grid.

Marina d´Or Energías Renovables, S.A. is carrying out preliminary studies for the installation of wind farms as developer and/or operator using the latest developments in wind turbine technology in the most varied of terrains in Spain, Bulgaria, Morocco and Brazil, amongst others.

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